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Thread: FS: Via Epia-M1000 1GHz Mini-ITX Motherboard/1GB Memory

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    Thumbs up FS: Via Epia-M1000 1GHz Mini-ITX Motherboard/1GB Memory


    Up for grabs is a...

    - Via Epia-M1000 1GHz Mini-ITX Motherboard - $135
    and a
    - 1 GB Stick of Ram - $115

    selling together for $250 plus shipping

    firm on price..

    if interested message me...
    ill discuss with you in detail as to why im selling...
    i had a nice explanation the first time i posted couple days ago but it doesnt look like my original post made it..OR i just prob forgot to click submit new thread...

    located in ONTARIO, CANADA

    CHECK MY EBAY RATING..USER NAME IS ROB_BOZUK...i see many ppl doing this to ease readers minds so they dont get "trolled" (i think i used that word correctly...hopefully)

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    Hey i am interested in the Mother board...where in ontario are you located? i live in toronto and would prefer to pick it up from this $135 USD?

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    Hey dude...
    I'm a lot interested in your mother board...I would like to ask you if you can send it from outside of USA, by UPS or another company of your preference by paypal or with other garanties???

    I'm from brazil, and it really difficult to find that kind of boards down here...I'm trying to make my own pccar...

    You can send me an e-mail if you get interested. it's [email protected]...

    tks bro.

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