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Thread: FS: M2-ATX Brand New

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    FS: M2-ATX Brand New


    I bought this M2 ATX on eBay it's the 160 watt version (of course.) I realized that it was not near big enough to run my carputer and now I’m selling it and trying to kind of break-even. I’m selling it just as it came to me. It has never been hooked up. Let me make that clear. I got it in the box. I opened it to make sure it was in there. (The box is really small.) Now I’m selling it on this forum. I looked up the stats on my PC setup to find out I needed more power. I did not hook the M2-ATX PSU up and find out it wouldn’t run the computer.

    You will receive the M2-ATX just as it came to me shipped via USPS. The installation guide, wires, connectors, jumpers, and M2-ATX are all included. I am asking $60 shipped. I prefer PayPal with a verified address. If you need any more information or would like to make an offer PM me or post on this thread. Thanks.

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    good price.. it should sell bump
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    I'm interested. PM Sent.

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