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Thread: FS: M10K Nehemiah EPIA Mobo DIN enclosure & slotload DVD / External USB HD Enclosures

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    FS: M10K Nehemiah EPIA Mobo DIN enclosure & slotload DVD / External USB HD Enclosures

    I have for sale a brand new, single DIN case and slotload DVDROM drive custom made for an Epia MIIK (Nehemiah) motherboard. This case was made by, and fits perfectly into a din slot. It comes with a complete enclosure made to fit the motherboard, a built-in slotload DVDROM with ide adapter, and a custom faceplate for the case and dvdrom drive. This kit will fit the M1-ATX power supply, with a little tweaking (it HAS been done, several times). Pictures can be seen at or my own pictures below (link). Dmitry has done a beautiful job in designing this case, but I have decided to move in a different direction regarding my project. I am asking HALF of what I paid for the kit, $85 shipped.
    Photos of motherboard DIN case & slotload DVD

    Also I have (2) external USB 2.0 hard drive enclosures made to fit 3.5" hard drives. I believe these support up to a 500GB hard drive, but it's only been tested (successfully) with a 250GB HD. Link to photos is below. Asking $15/ea shipped.
    Photos of USB enclosure

    In addition to these, I have a few hard drives, two scanners, and a computer system on ebay. The link for these are below.
    Other items for sale (ebay)

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    DIN enclosure and HD enclosures are still for sale. I can take $80 shipped for the motherboard enclosure, $15/ea for the HD enclosures (or $25/shipped for both HD enclosures).

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