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Thread: f/s: 7" Touch Screen VGA monitor

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    f/s: 7" Touch Screen VGA monitor

    The Specs:

    Resolution 640 * 480, 800 x 600, 1024 * 768, 720 * 400
    USB interface touch panel
    Display forat 1024 * 768, 60hz
    Aspect ratio 16:9
    External dimension 190(w) * 130(t) * 32(h)
    Active area 156(w) * 94(h)
    Source Video input Pal/NTSC x 1
    Audio (left/right) input x 1
    S-Video input x 1
    Vga input
    Operating Volt + 12dc
    Operating current 2.2A
    Powerconsumption < 8W
    Operating Temperature 0-60 C

    What u get:

    7" touchscreen vga monitor
    Car adaptor
    Home adaptor 100-240VAC
    Travel adaptor
    Vga/usb cable
    CD Driver
    Remote control

    Use the monitor less than 10 times. Did not installed in my car. Just use it at home for testing purpose. No visible scratches or damage. Almost 100% brand new.

    The Price : USD 220 shipped to US or UK

    any info pls email me at [email protected]

    Thank you.
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    do you have any model numbers or brand names? i'd like to do a little research on this guy

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    Either Super, Avatar and a few other name. If that's the brand, it is much much much cheaper on fleebay.
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    keep covering the brand name... why????
    im not too sure what you're tryin to do...

    price-wise... $220...

    lilliput 8 inch touch screen is $200 shipped on ebay....
    come on now...

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