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Thread: WTB 7" touchscreen VGA

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    WTB 7" touchscreen VGA

    I'm looking for exactly what the title says, a 7" VGA monitor with touch screen. I would like to get a Xenarc 700TS or TSV, or a Lilliput 629GL-70NP, or maybe even a Digital WorldWide DWW-720TS. Other brands/models will be considered as long as they meet the 3 requirements in the title. I don't really want a screen all in pieces, I would prefer a screen completely intact within its housing. Let me know what you have, Model numbers are appreciated, and the more options, the better.

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    PM sent.

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    I've got two for sale.. one is sort of in pieces, but the other is good to go. See my sig.

    See my trades here! My For Sale/Trade Thread. Email joe at

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