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Thread: FS: Freetech Mini ITX MB

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    FS: Freetech Mini ITX MB


    Ive got a Freetech Mini ITX Motherboard (6.7X6.7) for sale. Includes the embedded 1.2 GHZ Processor and fan, 1 GB RAM, on board AC97 5.1 Sound, Video, 10/100 NIC., All drivers on CD. 220 shipped to CONUS. Works fantastic.

    Also, an Opus 150 watt PS with all wiring for 110.00 shipped, never installed. and also CONUS only.

    An indash 7" touchscreen VGA monitor. Touchscreen is USB. Bought it on eBay about a year ago and it's been in my dash ever since. There is one scratch on it caused by my fingernail see the blurry pic below. When the monitor is on, you can barely see the scratch. 225. shipped. I'll add better ones later. If necessary. CONUS only.

    All items paypal or postal money order only. feedback on ebay or heatware is "chut". motivated to sell these items.

    Thanks for reading my thread.

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