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Thread: FS: Travla 90w AC power supply

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    FS: Travla 90w AC power supply

    Hey guys,

    Sold my car, and with it went the carpc. I still have the Travla 90w power supply that came with it, so it's up for sale. I'm sure one of you guys could use it. I threw it on ebay, if anyone interested here I can cancel the auction if no bids prior.

    Model Number: FSP090 - 1ADC21

    AC INPUT - 100-240v~ , 1.6A 50-60hz

    DC OUTPUT - 19.0V 4.7A MAX (90 W Max)



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    Man, I just bought an 80w one for $35 last week...
    Progress: 91% (Cosmetics) @ Stand Still...
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