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Thread: FS: HP T5720 (Very nice Very Cheap)

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    FS: HP T5720 (Very nice Very Cheap)

    Hi all i have a HP T5720 it has a amd processor and 256 ram .
    this is my second unit the first i gutted and kept the parts and sold the case.
    last night i removed emmbedded memory and installed a harddrive and it booted into xp no problem (feel like a *** for killing the first one now)but anyway i have built my carputer and spent plenty of bread so this unit i want to sell so i'll start 250 shipped thats a fair price it's less than 6 months old and retailed at (just low balling it about 500 bucks but you can check)
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    Underconstruction for 2007 !!!!


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