(1) Xenarc 700TS (5 Wire)
Never Used, new in opened box - bought two months ago
$300 shipped

(2) CarNetix CNX-P1900
140W DC-DC Regulator
AND CNX-P5V +5V/15W DC-DC Regulator
$100 shipped
(3) Aopen Power Pac for CNX-P1900
$20 shipped

(4) BMW IBUS Steering Wheel Controls
$50 Shipped (New in Box)

(5) Audiophile FireWire M-AUDIO
$120 Shipped (New in Box)

(6) Soundgate AVM4 Quad Line Driver
New in Box but knob must have broken in shipping, still works though
$80 shipped

(7) BMW E46 Bezel
Rich's Design, ordered from MP3 CAR 1 month ago but never used - mint condition
$230 shipped

(8) SVEN4 (new in box)
$20 shipped

(9) I also have an AOPEN MP915X already built with registered Windows XP
1.6 GHZ
512 MB RAM
100GB HD
Bought 2 months ago, but drilled holes in side of case to allow for 2 wifi N-female antenna plugs.
$550 OBO

Can send pictures on request.

Email me at [email protected]

I use Paypal, verified ebay ID.