Panavise 817-13 13" flexible arm

This mount slips right into the "t" bolt slot on the back of most lcd panels. Attaches to any surface with 3 screws (not included). 2 black screw hole covers are included. I lost one, but it is relatively easy to replace (I even think Home Depot Sells it). $25 Shipped UPS Ground.

Panavise 651-IDTS Mount

This is a great little mount that I bought when I was trying to mount my screen on the lower portion of my dash. It didn't work out, but man I wish it did. This mount is adjustible with a thumb screw on the side. Comes with a "t" bold head which slips right into the back of most lcd panels. $25 Shipped UPS Ground.

Both are really a bargain. They are in great condition. Paypal accepted.