Decided to sell my Old Car PC due to change of plans

The MoBo, Ram & Hard Drive are all less than a year old
the Case DVD-RW, M2 & Cables are all band new

The spec is:

Epia SP1300
512mb Ram
80Gb Hard Drive
Morex 3688 Case

5m USB Cable
5m VGA Exstension
2m 14awg cable with plug to PC for main power

5m braided cables for :
Remote from ignition to PSU
12v Power from PC to screen
5v Power from PC to USB hub etc

There are 3 plugs at the back of the PC ready to plug in:
8 pin plug for 5m multicore cable
2 Pin pug for audio amplifier remote
2 Pin For main power supply & Earth

All the reqired plugs to finnish the wiring are included

The Hard drive is still setup ready to use (PM about software)
So this is pretty much ready to drop in
all that is needed is:
Earth/12- to case ( i havent got any 14awg black left only red)
Audio cables
Screen (just cut the cable and solder the plug provided)

Cables (theres two if the blue cables the same)

Rear of the PC with the various plugs

Front of the PC

Uk Only

PM if your interested or have any questions