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Thread: FS: Carputer (Xenarc, USB CDROM, Mobo, etc) Does not include PSU

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    FS: Carputer (Xenarc, USB CDROM, Mobo, etc) Does not include PSU

    I'm selling this almost complete carputer setup. It was previously powered by a DSATX power supply, but it's in for service. I'm changing my setup because I'm selling my car. The setup works 100%. Windows XP comes with the setup and ready to go. Also includes Microsoft Streets and Trips and GPS receiver. Wires are harness are included but not shown in the picture. Comes with everything listed below and fully functional (harnesses and wires not shown but included).

    - Xenarc 8" touch screen with aluminum casing (never opened)
    - MicroAtx MB with AMD processor (currently running at 800mhz)
    - 512 MB Ram
    - Logitech Bluetooth diNovo Mini™ keyboard
    - Seagate 80BG 2.5" drive (made to withstand harsh environment)
    - GPS Receiver (USB)
    - 2 USB Hubs
    - Mini USB CD Rom (not pictured)

    Price: $500 OBO shipped anywhere in the US.

    Email: mmdb4[email protected]

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