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Thread: HDZ300 Zoom HD Radio + Mitch's HD Cable

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    HDZ300 Zoom HD Radio + Mitch's HD Cable

    Hey guys,

    My carputer project kind of got shut down after I moved, just have other things to pay for. Up for grabs is a BRAND NEW HDZ300 Zoom HD Radio + BRAND NEW Mitch's HD Radio Serial Cable. Bought the HD Radio for $70 and Mitch's for $24.

    Both for $80.00 (Paypal only @ [email protected]) (United States Only)

    Radio Only: $60.00
    Mitch's Cable: $20.00

    Grandammike96(179) 100% Feedback on eBay. 100% Legit

    PM or Email me at [email protected]


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    Im Interested. PMed and Emailed...

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    You might get more responses if you mention your SELLING these items in your title...

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