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    Knight Rider

    I'm working on a Knight Rider replica, I have a VoomPC and went through all 4 seasons of Knight Rider + Movies & Extras and created a DVD with 4,841 Kitt Wav files...

    The Result...

    Of course, the Kitt replica is optional, but with anyone that has a car computer & likes Knight Rider, my DVD maybe of interests to you...

    More details...
    I went through and logged all the phrases, labeled each file, created folders, etc... Then I typed them all out in a 187 page Word document (in case you want to search for specific words / names / phrases).

    The DVD also comes with 5 programs:
    * 1. Wav Editing Program
    * 2. MP3 Encoder
    * 3. Random Wav Player - Great for Car Shows or Just Showing Off!
    * 4. Quick Wav Player
    * 5. Speech Recognition program that responds to what wav files you choose / own.

    The Speech Recognition program is VRCommander. A very small but accurate program, included on the DVD is a demo, but to buy it from manufacture is $10 (XP only).

    Any questions, drop me a note...

    $55 shipped within US + $2 international.
    PayPal Accepted.



    More detailed info here:

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    This is a great product and you can tell that Raf has put countless hours into this and I think it was a Bargin at $55 Thanks for all your hard work Raf!!!

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    Thinking of doing a ST or a KR theme in my truck if I went with KR I don't know what to call it KITT was a car and (Knight Industries Two Thousand). But it' a viable option.

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    what kind of truck do you have?

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    A 1990 Ranger

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