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Thread: Wanted, plastic buttons for Lilliput 619

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    Wanted, plastic buttons for Lilliput 619

    I recently got a dismantled Lilliput 619 vga touchscreen and after re-assembling it, it works perfectly, but ther plastic buttons that protrude through the front housing/fascia are missing.

    The 'switches' for the buttons are still there on their own PCB but it looks bad and is not easy to use them without the plastic bits (not sure if it's a strip with all of them on or if they are separate for each button).

    If anyone can help me replace them I'd be very grateful, thanks (am in the UK).


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    Bump - anyone able to help? This monitor is perfect apart from having the plastic button strip missing.
    If anyone can sell me one or tell me where to get one I'd be REALLY grateful.

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