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Thread: F/S Complete carpc system

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    F/S Complete carpc system

    Updated 12/09/08 I am dropping the price to $550 shipped

    Hello I have for sale my carpc that came out of my 2004 Dodge Durango I am selling my system because my truck was totaled by an idiot that ran a stop sign and broad sided me.
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    But I digress,I got hosed from the insurance company so I am not to sure I want to invest the money or time in my new car so I am selling my system here is what you will be getting.




    Gps software:Garmin Mobile Pc

    Monitor:liliput Gl701np/c/t (Also this monitor is brand new never used I had a custom monitor fabricated in my dash ).

    Wired Keyboard:Ps2

    This system cost me $1267.00 total to setup 7mos ago I am asking $770.00 for the whole system shipped, a great price for a complete system with a new monitor.

    the only thing not included in the package is a gps receiver I was using a bluetooth receiver but now I use it with my pda so I will be keeping that but all in all a good price including shipping.

    I would like paypal but will accept other forms of payment but will not hold will sell to the first party that pays. pics below thanx for checking out my listing.
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    sorry to hear about your truck:-(
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    Thanx for the concern thats the only bad part about this hobby if some one destroys your car you aint gonna get your money's worth for your stuff, so dont put to much into your car.

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    I already have a monitor (that same exact one actually) are you willing to sell for the system separately?

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    quite interested in the lilliput GL 701 as long as it's tested and working, it is the touchscreen version yeah?

    what's the cost (postage to UK too)?

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    jongscx I would be willing to sell each part separate I wan tto be fair so I dont want to seem like i'm hosing anyone but I could do the computer alone for $400.00 and i'm not sure but I may be able to ship it in a flat rate box but dont qoute me on that is so i can ship for $12.95+$7.00 for insurance I dont ship anything without insurance if I cant fit it in a flat rate box it would be about $22.00 t0 ship + the $7 for insurance when I purchased thats how much it cost the company I purchased from to ship to me nothing has been added so i think its the same weight. let me know if thats exceptable to you.

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    I am dropping the price of the system to $550 for the system shipped.

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