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Thread: f/s Everything u need for a carPC setup!!! 350z

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    f/s Everything u need for a carPC setup!!! 350z

    Screen is customed to fit the 350z but can use to mt into mostly any car

    Complete setup for carPC:
    1.)all the wires,
    2.)liliput 7" touchscreen model:hr-701np[custom fitted and ready to install in a 350z)
    3.)M2-ATX DC-DC ATX auto car PC power supply w/P4 cable(latest and best out there for carPC)
    4.)PC Pentium 3 processor (as u may already know, higher performance computer are much more complicated to install in a car and The power supply is the main inssue. also dc-dc atx auto car pc power supply cant power up a faster computer. so it is recommanded to use a older computer)
    5.)usb extension w. 5 output,
    6.)800 songs and tons of videos,
    all softwares are installed and ready to use,
    7.) madd dog 6 channels soundcard

    all the stuff that are included are in the pictures- $500.00 OBO. willing to sell screen separately

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    How much for the screen?

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    PM me an offer =]

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    how much for the power supply?
    Citroen Xantia 2.0 110 bph

    Current Progress:
    planning -100%
    buying - 100%
    mounting -100%

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    interested in screen

    hey... please let me know the price of the screen, if its worth the cost, ill purchase it right away...

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