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Thread: F/s dell latitude d410 laptop carpc - complete setup

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    F/s dell latitude d410 laptop carpc - complete setup

    As above,

    Used for my carpc project before my car was written off before christmas.
    sold with all cables, leather carrycase & OEM Dell Docking Station.

    Small lightweight laptop, ideal for a carpc install. Complete with docking station (keep docking station pre-wired in car, then just remove laptop for security)

    Intel Centrino Processor M 730 1.6Ghz
    1Gb Memory
    80gb HDD
    External Dell Dbay Media CDRW/DVD Rom Combo Drive
    Built in Bluetooth
    Windows XP Pro Pre-Installed
    RoadRunner Carpc Frontend Installed
    Garmin Mobile PC Navigation Software Pre-installed
    Sygic Navigation Software Pre-Installed
    BU353 USB GPS Receiver also included
    Visteon HDZ300 HD Zoom Radio Receiver with Serial Interface Cable
    Open Office Pre-Installed

    275.00 o.v.n.o plus postage

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    would you sell the radio seperately? PM me..

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