I'm after a Camry 2007/2008/2009 DVD/Satnav headunit. I plan to build my car PC inside this unit and replace the stock LCD with a Lilliput 7". This will allow me to install it in my Camry and retain the true factory look.

I'll be gutting the insides of the unit so all I need is the front fascia and the headunit chassis (basically the whole headunit without the circuit boards etc).

I've inquired at various wreckers here in Brisbane, Australia because I'd like to use a broken Camry DVD headunit (it will be cheaper to buy a broken unit, and it's also less wastage because a working unit can still be used in another Camry). I haven't had much luck - most wrecker yards here haven't got any current shape Camrys or Camry parts. A couple of them had headunits, but it was the single CD player unit (which is the same size as the DVD unit, except it hasn't got the 7" screen, so I'll have to modify it quite a bit).

Long story short, is anyone interested in selling theirs? If possible, try and track one down in your city/country. International postage isn't going to be cheap, but at least I'll get an idea as to whether these units, in broken condition, are available or not. Then I know whether to stall my project or go ahead with an under-seat installation.