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Thread: Ready to install computer for Carputer Project

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    Ready to install computer for Carputer Project

    I have here a Dell Latitude 120L that is ready for action.

    19V standard laptop power input for use with a 12v laptop power supply.

    The LCD has been removed, as it is useless in a carputer installation.
    Keyboard and touchpad still work perfectly.

    It is running XP SP3 stripped down with most of the necessary drivers and software already installed for most commonly used hardware. GPS drivers, bluetooth software(no built in bluetooth, USB bluetooth adapters are cheap and easy to get), Sirius/XM interface drivers, Xport, Roadrunner with many skins and plugins, Centrafuse (I will most likely have to remove centrafuse as it is commecial software), etc. Boots very fast, flawless at going into standy and resume modes without any hardware issues in Roadrunner or centrafuse.

    Pre-soldered Power-button wires for on-dash Poweron/Standby button OR for wiring to a Automatic power on/off module. Power button on the actual laptop still functions normally.

    It's a Pentium M 1.8ghz with 1gb of ram.
    Audio Output and Input
    3 USB 2.0 Ports
    VGA output
    40GB hard drive

    Runs all software very well, Winamp visualizer runs perfect along with all of centrafuse's affects, etc, snappy and quick.

    I'll sell the machine for $160 for anyone needing a great computer that is ready to go for their project.

    stevey500 (at)
    or PM me, anything.

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    The computer is still available.

    Thanks Mp3car


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    Why don't sellers put "FOR SALE" in their topics around here!?

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