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Thread: FS NEW! Dynamix 816 Touch Screen Monitor

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    FS NEW! Dynamix 816 Touch Screen Monitor

    This screen is brand new! The protective cover is still on the screen. It is a Dynamix 816 which is a 8" 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD. Included is everything that was in the original box. Screen, VGA cable, USB cable, AC-DC power adapter, and the mounting foot.

    Screen is beautiful and bright, i have one in my car currently. I bought this one for a friend, but never ended up putting it in his car.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I love mine! it is clear and responsive.

    Link here to manufacture's website

    Asking $275.00 plus S&H

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    hey, I was wondering if you know of a reset button on this exact monitor?? I accidentally set mine to 120hz refresh rate and now the screen is too blurry to fix it. Not sure what to do at this point and would greatly appreciate your help!


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    You could always boot in safe mode and reset them there. Might look a little funky until you reboot out of safemode. hit the F8 a bunch of time when booting. May take awhile seeing as you probably cant read the text. When you feel its on the right screen hit enter and wait a few seconds. Trial and error

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