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Thread: FS Complete car computer system

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    FS Complete car computer system

    So I had this system I was building for a while now and I got laid off from my job over at google so now I am going through my savings and running low so I am selling a lot of stuff. This is a complete system that I never got to finish sadly but it works. here is what is included in this posting.

    The computer:
    *intel C2D 6300
    *Zotac skt773, mini pcie, 2 ddr2
    *2gb ddr2 ocz
    *seagate 250gb sata 7200rpm
    *Gelid slim heatsink-same height as the ram-
    *M4atx -I made the 24pin power wires shorter so it would be much more compact-
    *Tiny xp pro sp3 -I optimized it to run about 25 processes including avast-
    *centrafuse 3

    The Faceplate:
    *2006 Mustang GT faceplate
    *Molded Dynamix 8 inch touch screen monitor (4 wire, dsub, usb)
    *Slot load DVD/CD-rw with usb connection

    Other goodies:
    *Creative external 5.1 usb sound card
    *700watt TIS 5.1 channel amp
    *15ft rockford fostgate amp wire with fuse
    *amp ground wire
    *3x 3ft rca male to 3.5mm headphone jack
    *15ft dsub video cable, gold plated and shielded
    *15ft usb cable -shielded-
    *Holux usb gps -sirf 3 chipset-
    *bluetooth dongle -bought from here-
    *customized griffin volume controller with custom knob and leather platform
    *speaker wire
    *automotive grade power wires -withstands greater temperatures-
    *usb radio by datacoach
    *creative labs web cam
    *1 to 5 usb extention
    *15ft rca cable -gold plated and shielded-
    *quad band wifi antenna with realtec wifi usb card -really good range-

    To answere some questions. The case has the 4 holes on the top because I made the m4atx and the hd screw into the top so that it can all be crammed into a tiny case which is why I also made the 24 pin power wires shorter. I only have some drivers and my tiny xp pro 3 disc. what you see on this posting is what is listed for sale. I spent a lot of money as you guys know it is easy to get carried away. if you have any questions please ask as I am more than happy to answere them. Hope to hear from you guys soon and thanks for your time. Links to photos as I am having trouble embeding

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    Is this stuff still available? Can I get some information about the amp and whats included in the amp kits?

    Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!

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    Interested in the creative usb soundcard, and usb radio tuner.

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