i am attempting to start some new projects, and couldn't start because i couldn't see my workbench.

so some things must go!

everything is like new, none it was used for more then a hour to test and make sure it worked..

depending on the weather, i might need to clean the garage next weekend, so i'll be adding some more stuff at that time.

all prices don't include shipping.

up first, a usb keyboard/touchpad $25:
i bought this when i first started carpcing, so it is about 2 years old.. it's just taking up space in my basement..

unused Intel heatsink $5:

RCA brand surge protector $1:

lot of camera equipment $40: i last tested this stuff about 3-4 years ago after a previous boss gave it to me. i only tested the camera that is not in a box. at the time, everything worked perfect. it has sat in my basement in a box since then.

the boxed camera says that it is a Remington Model #00807.
the lot would include:
2: six-IR-led cameras with audio (they are both 3.6mm f/2.0 lenses)
2: 12v plug-in power supplies
2: 60ft cables with s-video camera connections on one side, and rca/power connections on the other-- required for camera operation.
2: 50ft extension cables, both brand new, in the original plastic bags.

Kworld pc-to-tv adapter $10:
model# KWSA235
opened, but never used.

Advantage speaker selectors $30/ea:
model # ADV4006

i have 2 of these.
bought for a home audio distribution job, and never used...

dual DVD player $40:
the dvd portion of this doesn't work all the time-- the bushings are going out on the dvd motor, so the disc doesn't always spin fast enough.

but the screens still work fine..

included is a custom 6+4ft A/V extension to connect the 2 players, and the necessary cigarette lighter port splitter. what makes the cable custom is the RCA connections in the cable to allow for external source connection.

ebay suede shift boot(the 'suede' part is questionable). black w/ red stitching $3:

standard wifi antenna: $1:

i know i have more of these, but for now, just the one is up-- i can dig through my other boxes to locate the others if there's enough interest.

misc cables all $1/ea:
i have less of the power cables, but i estimate i have at least 20 of the others..

6ft 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cable. some come with a ferrite core on both ends, some don't:

6ft VGA-to-VGA cable:

6ft DVI-to-DVI cable:

6ft power US-type power cable:

4-pin molex power adapter:
has 1-female 4-pin connector, and 7-male 4-pin connections on it.

i think that is about it for now, if i find anything else, i'll throw it on here..