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Thread: FS: Dell SX260 based complete car PC system

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    FS: Dell SX260 based complete car PC system

    I built this some time ago but now I'm retired I find it just too much hassle keeping it updated for the one or two long trips I make each year. I found it great when I was travelling round the country visiting all our company sites but now it's so very rarely used that I thought I might as well let someone else have the benefit of it.

    Dell SX260
    768Mb RAM
    120Gb 2.5" hdd
    "No Name" 7" in-dash touch screen
    Belkin USB wireless network dongle
    BU-353 USB GPS receiver
    Mini USB keyboard
    DSX12VD DC-DC supply
    Extra Dell PSU for use indoors.

    I've got it installed with Win XP, Centrafuse v2 and DriveXP at the moment but I'm pretty certain Centrafuse licenses aren't transferable so I'd need to remove it and my music etc before sale. Obviously it would be supplied with all the drivers etc though.

    See my Supra Build thread for more details and pictures:

    Looking for 350 delivered in UK only.
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