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Thread: Toshiba Car PC Laptop (1.6ghz Core Duo, 2gb, 120GB , wifi, bluetooth, XP-Pro) CHEAP!

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    Toshiba Car PC Laptop (1.6ghz Core Duo, 2gb, 120GB , wifi, bluetooth, XP-Pro) CHEAP!

    Hey Guys,

    PRICE: $65.00

    I have this old Toshiba Laptop that I was using for my Car Pc, but didnt decide on doing the project anymore. My gf owned it for a few years for college papers and such, then just sold it to me so I could use it in my Car. But I Decided against it and now I am selling this laptop. The laptop functions perfectly and can easily be used as a great Car PC.

    It has a 1.6ghz Core Duo CPU, 2gb of ram, 120gb Hard drive, Wifi B/G, Bluetooth(Dongle), and I soldered the power switch with two wires exposed for an easy access to a switch of your choice or Smart PSU.

    Installed on it is Windows XP Pro.

    It has a BRAND NEW battery that I bought over a week ago from amazon, it is a quality manufacturer battery and works perfectly. Last's 2+ hours.

    The Laptop looks a little beatin up, but I can assure your it works perfectly and the LCD screen works perfectly as well.

    Its just the laptop and Power Brick included in this.

    You could use this as a project or use it as a perfect Car PC.

    Shipping is $10.00 anywhere in U.S

    PM Me with questions

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