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Thread: 7" Lilliput touchscreen, older model & griffin radio shark

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    7" Lilliput touchscreen, older model & griffin radio shark

    I have a 7" Lilliput older model. I forget the year sorry.
    It doesn't have a case and currently its installed in my car and the TS glass is doublesided taped to a bezel I bought from these forums. Its installed in my 2002 chevy impala and I had to rig up mountings for it to mount correctly because the bezel was bought before they made them specific for my vehicle (was just a GM double din bezel)
    I bought a 2007 dodge ram and slowly I'm going to put the pc in there, but I don't want to remove the stock cd player so that's why I'm selling the screen.
    Not sure how much I could get for the screen being a few years old and missing the case for it. I think I have some spare parts for it as well.
    The touchscreen has a few scratches, but works fine.
    I don't have any pics at the moment, but if someone is interested please let me know and I'll take some. I'm more curious if anyone is going to be interested in this so I'd rather not waste my time if no one is.

    2nd item is a radio shark USB. I don't remember the version and its not written on it. its a big white fin and lights up blue when connected.

    best offer on that one too.

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    post some pics might be interested.

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    So after searching through my electronics bin, I found the case for the lilliput and decided not to sell. Thought I threw it out.
    I do however have the double din frame that I bought from bybyte if anyone is interested in that. Paid over $100 for it a few years ago when he first started making them. Pretty sure it fits lilliput and also xenarc, but cant be positive on the xenarc. I will take some pics and update later. Probably going to sell for $25 + shipping.

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