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Thread: [SOLD] FREE (just pay shipping) Generic Aluminum Extrusion (like a car amplifier)

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    [SOLD] FREE (just pay shipping) Generic Aluminum Extrusion (like a car amplifier)

    Ok, before it goes in the trash...

    its 34cm x 19cm (21cm at the mounting flange) x 6cm

    has steel bottom plate too
    has thumb screw removalble end plate on one side
    the other side, well, its got openings for connectors, id make a new one
    if i was gonna use it

    i dont know what one would do with it, but it could house some electronics

    if no one wants it, ill chuck it...

    its 7lbs in the box, from 19446, so you can check shipping...

    PM me if you want it
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    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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