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Thread: 2 First Gen ipads for sale

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    2 First Gen ipads for sale

    Both are in new condition. No scratches or anything. Company owned and have been really taken care of.

    1 16GB on 5.0.1 asking $400 shipped in the US

    1 32GB on 5.0.1 asking $450 shipped in the US

    Open to reasonable offers and will negotiate on worldwide shipping. PM me for pics

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    I hope these are wifi/3G with those high prices...
    Not trying to knock you down or anything but they were selling the 16gb wifi only (NO 3G) version for $299 at verizon and att stores for awhile.

    Apple is selling the iPad2 16gb wifi refurb'd for $419
    and also the iPad2 32gb wifi refurb for $499

    They are all out of stock on the first gen ipad refurbs, but even ebay has the first gen ipads for around the $300 price that stores were selling at

    Just some friendly advice here, but you might want to drop the price considerably if you want any attention.
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