I built a custom Bezel for My 2004 Dodge ram with a 8" Lilliput touch screen.Name:  2011-12-11 08.39.04.jpg
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I also am selling my CarPuter that I purchased from Mobile Computing Solutions a few years ago. It has a dual Core Atom, Wireless b/g and six usb ports and a M2-ATX Power Supply.Name:  2011-12-11 13.52.19.jpg
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Both items are listed on E***.

Key words are Custom Carputer Bezel and Carputer Car PC Intel Atom.

We had another Child just after I completed the screen and I just ran out of time.
I'm selling the Carputer with out the Hard Drive because I have no way of wiping it clean.

I built Bezel with knowledge received here. If you have questions please ask at E***.