I made this bezel when I had my car PC installed, and just recently traded the car in, so I no longer need it.

Here's the thread showing the build process and final result.

And so it continues... 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Edition

This install was featured as one of the most OEM (factory look) looking installs on the mp3car.com blog here.



As you can see in the build thread, there was quite a bit of work for this bezel, and I used ABS cement rather than fiberglass or epoxy which provides a durable, long lasting bond. You won't see temperature cracks in this set-up.

This set-up fits any '06 or newer PT Cruiser. Please note that the analog clock is no longer present on this set-up, and the switches are placed higher up to fit the screen.

The bezel includes:

Brand New 8" Dynamix 816 Touchscreen Monitor (this will be purchased and sent directly to you from Dynamix Computers.)
Customized Dash buttons with USB and SD ports
Used (non-working) Dynamix 816 Monitor - this one had reverse voltage applied to it, and fried the inverter, also the touchpanel was not working, so this can be used as spare parts for the new monitor if needed.


I'm looking for $450 with the new screen or $200 without the new screen.
Shipping (up to $20) will be included in this price, but if you want it expedited or shipping cost over $20 to your location, will be extra.
If you would like to make an offer or have any questions about the bezel, please either send me a PM or just email me: jcautodesign (at) live (dot) com.