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Thread: Lilliput and M2-ATX

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    Lilliput and M2-ATX

    I got all this stuff last winter and installed the carputer in my car, but later changed my mind about the whole computer setup and now have decided to sell the car that the stuff was in.

    The Lilliput is the 7" EBY707, or whatever the typical one people use is. Installed the screen shield that came with it. It has everything with it except the stylist, however I did cut the power are which I hooked up to my m@-ATX to power the monitor. it is still included. I think it's worth $80 shipped, but will entertain offers.

    Next is the M2-ATX. I will send it with what you see pictured. The power wire, ground and ignition. And the the p4 adaptor, which i used to power the screen as mentioned above. Worked perfectly last time I used it which was last fall and just sat in my basement until now. $40 shipped obo.

    I will do my best to answer PM's as I receive them, but work in the morning so they will most likely be answered after 4pm Central time. Items are located in Nebraska.

    Thanks, Alex.
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    $65 shipped for the screen.

    M2 is sold.

    I really don't know what they are worth.

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    Got a few people interested, however no one has sent payment yet, so it's still for sale.

    M2 is Sold.

    Screen is sold as well.
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