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Thread: FS: Intel Atom MiniITX CarPC, Lillliput EBY701 Double Din LCD, Shark 10.4 LCD

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    FS: Intel Atom MiniITX CarPC, Lillliput EBY701 Double Din LCD, Shark 10.4 LCD

    Hi all,

    I built this Car PC for my subaru forester and planned to enter the car in SQ (sound quality) competitions after I built the sound system. I had my car all wired up, touch screen installed, but never installed the PC. I had it on my desk tweaking the front end but could just never find time to get it perfectly the way I wanted. As time went on, it just slipped out of my mind and I eventually decided to just let the idea go, and sell everything since I'm getting along just fine without the CarPC.

    So here it all is. I will sell the Carpc, Lilliput, and Shark (Samsung board) separately, but at this time I don't want to part out the computer. I'd like to sell the PC as a whole.

    Pictures are at the end of the post.
    All prices include shipping within the US (contiguous 48 states). I except Paypal only, and will ship once payment has cleared. Shipping outside the contiguous US will be extra.

    • CarPC: $400 (Paid about $550 when new)
    • Lilliput: $150 (Paid over $200 when new, includes Bybyte double din)
    • Shark (Samsung): $75 (Paid $170 when new)

    Computer Info (and price paid when new):

    Computer Notes:
    • All you need is a laptop harddrive and wifi adapter (if you want wifi). Everything else is included.
    • For wifi, I found the Alfa usb adapters offer the best range and you can use an external antenna to get even more range.
    • The USB hub came with a 12v wall adapter to provide extra power to the hub but it is not required to use. I snipped off the wall adapter so I could wire it directly to a 12v source coming from the computer. I will have the wall adapter and will include it.
    • The M-Audio sound card was one of the best usb cards when I bought it (3 years ago). My plan was to enter my subaru in Sound Quality competitions, but never got around that far. I removed the circuit board from the M-Audio housing and mounted it directly inside the case.
    • The picoPSU came with a wall adapter to power it while in your house. Again, I snipped the wall adapter off to use the plug with the Carnetix power adapter to supply power to the power supply.
    • Whatever harddrive you install can be mounted vertically to help prevent damage from being in a moving vehicle hitting bumps in the road.

    Lilliput Info:

    Shark (Samsung) Info:



    FOR REFERENCE ONLY: Inside view (notice where the harddrive is mounted vertically between the soundcard and Carnetix. *It is also mounted on shock absorbers. *Harddrive not included. *Wireless adapter is upside down in this image and also not included.)

    Inside View

    Front panel view with power cables, monitor power (blue/black), wireless keyboard, 7 port usb hub

    Front panel view

    Rear panel view

    Rear Panel View


    PNY Ram

    picoPSU 120 (notice where I clipped the power wire to use the plug with the Carnetix)


    M-Audio Soundcard

    Misc Cables

    Monitor Power cable

    Wireless Keyboard. *The dongle plugs to a usb header inside the case

    7 port usb hub, notice where I clipped the power cable so I could wire it directly to 12volt from the carpc

    Lilliput Package

    Lilliput LCD

    Rearview of Lilliput

    Shark LCD
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    Prices lowered.

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    How come the motherboard/cpu combo is so expensive? I'm assuming you got it brand new based on your descriptions. I got the same one on here for 60. So maybe that is why you are having a hard time moving it.

    I'm interested in the power supply. Is it still available?

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    Strange, I haven't logged in here for a long time, assuming any replies would have been emailed to me. Not the case. So sorry to anyone who sent me a private message about purchasing this settings had all emails turned off for some reason. They are turned back on now.

    As for the motherboard/cpu combo question above, I'm not sure why you think the price is so expensive. I'm not actually selling just the motherboard/cpu, so I don't even know what price you're referring to. The price beside the motherboard was the price when purchased new, but that's not my asking price.

    I'm tempted to turn this into a HTPC or maybe a homemade NAS. If it doesn't sell soon, I'm going to make that my winter project.

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