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Thread: Free small case bits. FREE!

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    Free small case bits. FREE!

    I would like for you to cover the shipping cost, though I will not require it.
    I work for an electrical wholesale outfit and these were parts from scrapped, ummm, things. I don't recall what they come from, they just looked potentially useful.
    I have six (6) chrome (maybe really nice galvanized?) five side "boxes" (cages?) that are filled with holes. These would be good for something that needs total airflow but some physical protection from being mechanically contacted. They measure 1.875" deep and 5.25" square. They have 1.125" by .5" rectangular cutouts on one side that could be used for running cables through. There are little tabs at the bottom that had been pushed through a PCB board, if I remember correctly and then bent over to hold it in case. There are also three tabs on one side for putting screws through. THE FINISH IS NOT PERFECT ON THESE, but they look okay. Stripping them and painting them should be an option if one was so inclined.
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    I also have two (2) black finish three sided covers with oblong vents on either side. There are two screw holes on either vented side for running fasteners through. They are 7 13/16 inches long, 1 1/2 inches tall and 6 1/4 inches wide. They are fairly robust thickness, and the finish is scuffed and so forth but not too bad.
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    Send me a message if you want them.

    I offer no warranty and am just trying to do someone a favor. If you cannot use them let someone who can ask for them. Don't ask for additional favors, I think that providing, packing and shipping them is enough.
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    thanks for lookin out.

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