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Thread: CLEARANCE SALE: Xenarc Monitors - Touch Screen, Non-Touch, Drop-down models and more!

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    OK, I took a couple pictures and emailed them to you. Thank you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jhornbr225 View Post

    I received my screen today. I've powered it up, and installed the touch software. I've noticed some dead pixels on the left side. On an all black screen there are two bright dots. One dot is larger than the other leading me to believe that the bigger spot is actually a number of pixels. You claimed these were new in box. Is there a warranty, and how do we go about taking care of this?

    Thank you,

    oh nooo!

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    Update on the Xenarc Screen:

    Jason Rappaport (imobilrpc) went well above the call of duty to get this screen back to Xenarc to get the panel replaced. Although it looks as if this particular screen has been sitting on the shelf for a while, Jason talked them into swapping the panel and returning it to me. He even refunded me a total of $40 to make up for the trouble and the cost of shipping to Xenarc.

    I currently have it on my desk, streaming pandora through XBMC on my Raspberry Pi, using composite output. No more dead pixels! Now I just need to decide which car to put it in.

    Thanks to Jason for all the effort.

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