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Thread: Lilliput Single Din Touchscreen with METAL gears, dual composite, tv, 800x480 PC +FM

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    Lilliput Single Din Touchscreen with METAL gears, dual composite, tv, 800x480 PC +FM

    I haven't had time to work on projects like I used to. so I'm selling my Lilliput single DIN Motorized In dash computer display. here's the specs
    I bought this when I lived in chicago with street parking, so I wouldn't have to have it visible that I had fancy stuff in my car, I moved =)

    WORKS Perfectly, and has for years, both the internal motors have metal gears, that don't snap, which is the main issue with most single DIN displays. (aftermarket upgraded)

    Here are two links to the Display I have for sale to show function, etc.

    800x480 native resolution HD15 PC input
    METAL Gears on the shaft of both motors, plastic gears on the shaft are the most common failure for these types of displays. The gears on the motor shafts for this display won't snap and leave you with a hard to fix problem.
    2 composite inputs
    1 tv input (not DTV, so you'd need a converter box to get broadcast tv with it)
    FM Radio Tuner
    4 x 45 Watt Amp built in with volume knob on front ( yes you can run your computer through it and get a hardware volume knob, video 2 shows it in action.)
    Touchscreen has support under Linux and Windows with Egalax driver

    Touchscreen MUST have a 12v regulated power supply, if you run it straight off your battery you'll kill it

    I can sell directly through Paypal, Ebay, or if your around Columbus OH, Locally.
    I have other gear I'm selling as well.

    Lilliput - $400
    DSATX - $100

    for $450 I'll sell the display, DSATX, and a 12v bench power supply (modified computer power supply for 12v rail.) so you can run it on your bench for testing while setting up and testing.

    I ran my display off the dsatx, as its a 220 watt power supply and can power the display and system.

    If interested email me @ my username

    DSATX power supply with both 20 and 24 pin wiring harness connections - $100
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    What is max res u can set

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    Quote Originally Posted by rushmore1305 View Post
    What is max res u can set
    Max I ran it at was 1024x768.

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    still have this?

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