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Thread: F/S - Jeep Cherokee (19??-2001) custom bezel with 7" VGA LCD + carputer

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    F/S - Jeep Cherokee (19??-2001) custom bezel with 7" VGA LCD + carputer

    As detailed in

    I'm going with a different solution. The entire snap-in bezel is available for sale. Clean finish, 100% working.

    Custom bezel with built in 7" touchscreen: $400. If you want the custom console insert, I'll throw that in with the bezel purchase. Otherwise it goes for $40 on its own.

    I'm also selling off the SLD44 - $75

    The custom case that fits (and screws into) the center console PLUS power supply is on the block as well. I don't have the details on hand at the moment. I think the P/S is a 12v converter 90w. VIA EPIA M10000, 512M, 80G WD. I'll let the PC+PS+Case go for $100. If you're interested, I'll dig up the specs. More than enough horsepower for a PC running GPS and media player. I'll throw in the USB GPS ($35 value) if you buy this part.

    Oh - and if you want to buy everything, you can have the whole lot for $550, free shipping. This will include all the custom wiring I built. All snap-in, no cutting or soldering of the existing wiring if you have the Infinity sound system and amp. All you have to come up with is the wire between the power supply and the car battery.

    All prices do not include shipping - but it won't be over $20-30 if you're in the US, depending on how much of this lot you pick up.

    PM me if interested.

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