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Thread: All sorts of CarPC stuff for sale!!

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    All sorts of CarPC stuff for sale!!

    Im selling everything that went to my car pc. much of it has been used less than half a days time and ordered in the past 2 months.

    Lilliput 669Gl-70np/c/t-5h. everything is there. ordered from mp3car about 3 weeks ago. $220 shipped priority
    Name:  20130711_014205.jpg
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    Name:  20130711_014315.jpg
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    Clarion eq/crossover. ordered this brand new from amazon about a week and a half ago. $50 shipped priority
    Name:  20130711_014348.jpg
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    Name:  20130711_014403.jpg
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    m4-atx PSU with case and fan. has long cable from j6 for anti amp thump, has long cable for mobo power switch, has 8' of 8gauge SKY HIGH CAR AUDIO wire with copper terminals crimped. comes with the m4 usb cable also purchased from mp3car. $100 shipped priority
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    may be open to offers. this stuff is practically brand new minus the fun of you getting to open it for the first time. Im located in chicago.
    ECS lga1155 mobo with intel i3 3225 cpu clocked at 3.30ghz. (1)4gb G.SKILL ddr3 memory. comes with IO shield and cd. $180 shipped priority
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    cooler master elite 120 case. used for 2 days. $45 shipped parcel post
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    your location may help..

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    Im located in chicago.
    Buried in between pictures, but it's there.

    I might be interested in the equalizer. I have to debate if I can spare the change and also if I have the room in the vehicle lol... Don't hold it for me if someone else wants it!
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    Ahh bugger, cheers for that.

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    Would you be prepared to post the Clarion eq/crossover to the UK? If so, how much extra postage?

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    Sorry my location was hidden in there. im located in Chicago. the clarion unit sold. still have everything else.

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    Still Got The Power Supply?

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    yes i still have the power supply. the case, clarion unit, and motherboard combo are gone.

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