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Thread: itx dual core atom inc 4gb ram

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    537 itx dual core atom inc 4gb ram

    Im currently upgrading my carpc to a i7 setup as im starting to do too much with the atom
    Is a asrock AD525PV3 board with Intel® Dual-Core Atom™ Processor D525 @ 1.8 GHz
    Im including 4gb ram but i cannot remember the make of the ram.
    It comes with the box a printed manual and driver disk and back plate..
    No complaints with the atom,it was quite speedy with a 7200rpm hdd or better with a ssd
    Never had any sleep/hybernate issues or any electrical noise.ran CF4 well @1280x800 on a 10.1 screen...much quicker at a lower screen res.
    Im wanting to play with more hd video recording/dashcam and a few other things so im starting to get a bit of noticable lag...startup time is about 20-30 secs for a cold boot to CF+nav playing music on win 7..runs win 8 just fine also...think i paid $150 for the board and ram and i would be happy with $75 aud plus postage.
    Happy to post international and which ever service you would like.
    Reply here or pm me and we can talk shipping and payment

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    Duplicate....blame the stupid tablet i posted it from...feel free to delete.

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