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Thread: Arduino Uno Kit

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    Arduino Uno Kit

    I have for sale my arduino developement kit. I will not split it up so please don't ask. Total cost over 300.00 selling 150.00 plus shipping
    UNO r3 (arduino)
    Name:  uno.jpg
Views: 520
Size:  44.4 KB
    Canbus Shield with GPS chip em-406a (sparkfun)
    Name:  canbusshield.jpg
Views: 524
Size:  16.8 KB Name:  gps.jpg
Views: 524
Size:  9.6 KB
    si4735 AM/FM/SW/LW shield (sparkfun no longer available)
    Name:  si4735shield.jpg
Views: 514
Size:  24.5 KB
    Cellular Shield SM5100b-d (sparkfun) will include external antenna
    Name:  gsm.jpg
Views: 523
Size:  32.9 KB
    Proto Shield with mini breadboard (sparkfun)
    Name:  protoshield.jpg
Views: 521
Size:  19.6 KB
    Extender Shield (liquidware)
    Name:  DoubleWide_Black_ExtenderShield_perspective.jpg
Views: 522
Size:  17.3 KB
    Screw Shield (dfrobot)
    Name:  screwshield.jpg
Views: 512
Size:  14.4 KB
    Proto Shield bare board (arduino)
    Name:  ArduinoProtoShield_Front_450px.jpg
Views: 510
Size:  44.3 KB
    Googly Eye Shield (evil mad scientist) used for GPS mount
    Name:  googlyeye.jpg
Views: 490
Size:  10.4 KB
    LCD Display 16x2 black on green (sparkfun)
    Name:  lcd.jpg
Views: 528
Size:  8.4 KB Name:  lcd1.jpg
Views: 506
Size:  10.6 KB
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