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Thread: SOLD: Mimics X2 and 7" Capacitive LCD - $200 Shipped

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    SOLD: Mimics X2 and 7" Capacitive LCD - $200 Shipped

    I sold the car I was building my Mimics X2 project for and therefore have decided to sell the hardware as well. All worked well with my Android phone. The package includes:

    - Mimics X2 Module + 7" CAPACTIVE screen from here:
    - Round plug and button for the Mimics X2.

    Here is a video walkthrough of the specific hardware you will be buying:

    Here is a walkthrough of it working with my Note 2. NOTE: The miracast adapater is not included nor phone

    A few things to note: I broke one of the sides of the connector that holds the lcd cable in place. So it is tapped down to secure it. See pic below. Still works just fine. You can probably hot glue this in place instead of tape once you are done setting it up the way you want.

    Also, I glued the LCD to the 2 DIN housing. Before I did that though, I put on a screen protector. So in the picture below you will see some residue. That is ONLY ON THE SCREEN PROTECTOR and not on the screen of the LCD. Some hot glue lingers on the back edges and can be easily removed, but nothing is on the screen itself. I am leaving the screen protector on to protect it during shipping. You will want to put a new one on when you receive it.

    I am asking for $200 shipped in the US which is about $235 cheaper than buying it new before the plug and button. Plus it is not in stock from Custom Gadz. I have been a member here since 1999 (when I jumped on the iopener bandwagon ) and have plenty of ebay history and feedback if you chose to see that. Payment will be made via PayPal.

    Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.

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    This was sold. Thanks!

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