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Thread: Cleaning out Developement Corner

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    Cleaning out Developement Corner

    I am cleaning out the developement corner of the shop and have a couple of complete working systems for sale

    Item 1
    Epia MII 12000 1.2ghz 1gig of ram, 32gig SSD, CF adapter(bootable) on rear, DVD, M2 power supply, Voom2 case, WinXP/sp3 installed along with RR (older version) and DXF 5.0 Complete and ready to install and power up. $100.00 shipped Canada or US

    Item 2
    Jetway J7F2WE1G5-OC-LF 1.5ghz 1gig of ram, 120 gig hard drive(WD Blue), CF Adapter (bootable) on rear, M2 power supply, Voom2 case, WinXP/sp3 installed. Complete and ready to install and power up. $100.00 shipped Canada or US

    Will add more as I get digging! SNO

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    Good prices!

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