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    complete setup

    Have a prebuilt setup i bought a couple years ago for abuild i never ended up using. has just been sitting around and now im moving so trying to get rid of it.
    Computer is from Mobile computing solutions. dual core 1.6ghz zotac ion with 250gb HD , 2gb ram , sony dvd slot loading drive , gps receiver , wifi external antenna , hd radio pc interface , ac-dc 12v power supply , obdlink wifi scan tool. all was about $1200 when i got it. Has windows 7 licensed and centrafuse with us maps installed.
    The monitor is Cartft CTF1020 10.2" touchscreen has 800cd/m2. bought it was from a german company was $600 new.

    Willing to take reasonable offers i know price depreciates specially electronics just trying to recoup some of my money. Looking to get about $900 for all of it.
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