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Thread: lg dare setup

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    how is the default something like that? That seems like what you would use if you paid for the service. But a cell phone is already a dialing device so it seems stupid to pay for it again. Which is why if you connected by the true default you should be able to dial out like normal, or tether the data connection through the wired connection.
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    I've yet to figure out how to get around verizon's tethering service without paying on my Dare. I'd love to know how, since as 2k1Toaster likes to point out, I already surf the web with the damn thing, screw the $60/month for tethering. I could do it on my verizon windows mobile phone I had from work, but I haven't made it work on my dare.

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    the dun settings is exactly that, i hacked the phone for the free internet but cant get this.

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    Because they assume data usage for a tethered connection will be far higher then a regular device (which is true) so they charge an extra $15 for it (i think thats the price i last heard).

    And yes a cell phone is a dialing device but your not actually dialing anywhere.....your logging in to use their internet connection for "high speeds".

    Of course there are ways to do this for free but its pretty easy to destroy your phone doing it, get sued etc. Not to mention against forum rules here - so

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    I've done it on my Blackberry and I used to work high level support at the carrier as well. The most common error I see people make is not switching their default modem. They would have their phone all set up but it would still try and dial out of the internal modem in the computer, not get a dial tone and hang up. I'd get them to switch it over to their phone, redial and voila. It worked.
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    I have this phone and it works great in my car without paying any extra. try to reinstall your phone driver. Only install the USB driver. Do not use the verizon software. setup a DUN from your computer and set to dial ([email protected] PASS. vzw set to dial #777. thats it. you should get to a page that allow u to pay for service. I will let u know how to get around that.

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