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Thread: Carnetix P1900 V2.2 Jumper settings for Mac Mini intel

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    Carnetix P1900 V2.2 Jumper settings for Mac Mini intel

    I am not very good at this sort of thing. I am trying to somewhat teach myself how to do it because I dont want to pay anyone to install anything in my car. This is my first CarPC and and trying my best. I have looked at the manual and read many posts on how to do this and think I have it done correctly.

    So my question is...Does anyone have any pics of the way they set their jumpers in their p1900 for use with mac mini intel so I may reference them. I just want to double check if what i have read that i have done correctly before i move further. Thanks for whatever responses i may get as help.

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    Carnetix outlines this in the manual.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    i know it outlines it in the manual. I am a newb to this n the manual doesnt have pics. Im a visual learner N i just want to see others that have installed n set jumpers intheres to make sure im doing it right. JP1 is most confusing to me.

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    I'm confused. The P1900 manual includes a visual diagram of the jumper settings. Match your P1900 to the settings and you are set up properly. If you are in doubt, use a multimeter to check the voltage outputs before actually attaching a computer to them.

    What kind of system are you connecting and what don't you get about JP1? It's got 4 different functions. Pick the one you want and put the jumper on those pins.
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