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Thread: P2140 Issues, Sleep mode problems

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    P2140 Issues, Sleep mode problems

    I have windows 7, Centrafuse 3.1 (running as shell) P2140 powering a custom PC with a PICO150 power supply. My issue is that it will put it in sleep mode sometimes and then stop and just cut power. I have the updated drivers and software and i can connect. Is it possible this is caused by running Centrafuse as a shell or a issue with the software. Also does the Psunami software need to be running in order for it too be put in sleep mode.

    At this point i am thinking of switching to the m3 ATX power supply and just take that P2140 out and sell it.
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    Did you manage to fix your problem?
    If not check out these posts it may help you track down the problem.

    P2140 - Drawing to much power in Standby

    p2140 cuts power before completing standby

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