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Thread: p2140 cuts power before completing standby

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    p2140 cuts power before completing standby

    I'm having a tough time configuring my p2140 to allow the computer to get into standby before it cuts the power. Does anyone know what setting I should adjust? It is starting into standby, then the p2140 pulls the plug.

    Would it somehow work better if I used hibernate?

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    You may have already resolved this by now...

    Can't be certain what is happening without more information. The best way to figure it out would be to connect the P2140 to a laptop and run PSUmoni. See what states the power supply is entering prior to shutdown.

    Here are some instructional video from the Carnetix site that may help and a link to PSUmoni utility in case you don't have it installed.

    Let us know what you find.

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