I'm running Win7 on Intel Mac Mini, PSUmoni 1.83, P2140 Firmware upgrade 1.83.

I'm troubleshooting my mac mini sleeping issues. The PSUmoni communicates with the P2140 fine. Shows USB connected. I finally have the correct parameters in PSUmoni set up. It properly sleeps the mac mini, and properly wakes the mini! Works just as I want it after 2 years of "sleep deprivation"!

I go to put everything back into the console, tidy the wires up a bit. Shut the car down, turn to ACC. PSUmoni doesn't connect, says USB not connceted. However the mac mini does recognize something connecting/unconnecting. I know firmware 1.83 corrects an issue with connection. I've updated the firmware at least 3 times prior to this.

My question is, does the P2140 "forget" or erases the firmware and requires re-updating? It's pretty frustrating, the hardware works, you finally get the software working, and the hardware fails! Endless cycle!