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Thread: p2140 firmware update help

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    p2140 firmware update help

    after the battery in my car was disconnected for some time i cant seem to get the 2140 to go again. when i plug it in it flashes about 4 or 5 times.

    i figured i would try and do i firmware update as i have never done one before and read on these forums that it may help.

    the question is how do i do this? when i click the "p2140 firmware v1.8.3" link in the mp3 store under the power supply extended information it just redirects me to the forum.

    so where do i get the update and what is the procedure to install it??

    thankyou in advance

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    Did you get it sorted? Here is the link to the support page on the Carnetix website, which provides links to the firmware...

    Good luck

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