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Thread: CNX-P2140 will not shutdown

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    CNX-P2140 will not shutdown

    JP1 - set for 12v
    JP2 - set for 5v
    JP3 - no jumpers
    JP4 - Config 2 - (12v / 5v)
    JP5 - ACPI / PC

    Red Input x2 - Car battery
    Black Input x2 - Car ground
    Yellow Input - Car ACC

    Red x2 - Power to picoPSU-150-XT
    Black x2 - Ground to PicoPSU-150-XT
    all other outputs not connected but terminated

    Flashed to v1.8.3 firmware

    Computer powers up fine, but when ignition is cut P2140 will not enter shutdown.

    There is a 3.5-4.0v signal on the ignition line coming from within the PSU.

    I measured the input lines with the P2140 disconnected to confirm this.

    It seems this low voltage is holding the PSU in the RUN mode. Do I have a defective P2140? The max power draw on the 2140 is only 95 watts. If i shut down the computer manually and then disconnect the P2140 from the computer it then enters shutdown mode. How is this voltage getting back to the ignition line?

    If you need any other information please let me know.

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    Did you ever solve this one?

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    The problem is not resolved, but I believe it has to do with a defective CNX-2140 unit. I replaced the unit with an other type of controller and everything seems to be working fine. The controller I am using does not support sleep mode so I will be purchasing another CNX-2140 unit to test out as I like to options they present.

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