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Thread: CNX-P5V neccessary ?

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    CNX-P5V neccessary ?

    I have purchased a CNX-P2140 and the powered USB hub CNX-P5USB.

    The P2140 will supply 12V to my D946GSEJT motherboard and 12V to my Lilliput 669GL touchscreen. Is the additional CNX-P5v required to supply power to the USB hub or do I get the power directly from the car electrical system (R,B,Y and blue does nothing) ?

    USB into computer will be from touchscreen, dongle for wireless keyboard/mouse, and USB to CNX-P5USB.
    USB to hub will be bluetooth dongle (for OBDII and phone), GPS receiver, HD camera via USB (maybe 2).

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    Yes you get power for the hub via the car 12v system. It only actually works once it sense's a signal from computer. wire up like you did your P2140 power/gnd/acc. SNO


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